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Moving on down the road, next idea…dream catcher earrings….

Posted by | June 30, 2014 | blog, Fashion, jewelry design | No Comments
Dreamcatcher with porcupine quills and macaw feathers

Dreamcatcher with porcupine quills and macaw feathers


I know exactly when my next idea hit me, walking through a mall in Tampa Florida, I saw my first dreamcatcher.  These were the type that you use as a wall hanging, they were made from grapevine and sinew decorated with feathers and fetishes.  Wow, these would look great in miniature and most excellent as earrings.

Out of the threads that I used for my woven basket earrings and metal hoops, I gave it a try.   I didn’t have any instructions so I had to make these out of memory of what I saw at the mall kiosk.  They were a bit crude at first but I got better.  I started selling them wholesale to stores in the Tampa area.  They were a great seller.

I moved on from wholesaling the dream catcher earrings to stores and opened my own kiosk.  Designs by Annette was becoming a success.


Dreamcatcher earrings – feathers porcupine quills bone beads – asymmetrical mismatched

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