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Custom Made Book Cover earrings for Authors Writers and Publishers

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With the popularity of my Book Cover / Typewriter earrings came many request from Authors for their very own book covers to be used on the earrings with quotes (lines) from their books on the typewriter paper.  These earrings can be customized in many styles and make great gifts for writers, they also are great promotional items.  What better way to advertise your book, by wearing your very own book cover.

Here are a few samples from Author’s request:


Customized earrings with book cover

Authors jewelry

customizable earrings with book cover

Nostos 2

Custom made book earrings


Fluency earrings

customized earrings for Authors Writers


My coincidental earring designs

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Coincidences are not accidents but signals from the universe which can guide us toward our true destiny….So says Deepak  Chopra


So many of my designs come from coincidence and usually when these coincidences happen, it’s just the kick in the shorts that I need.  Yesterday I got a call from Heidi the buyer at the Currier Museum gift shop.  She placed her order and we agreed that I’d drop by next week.  Two minutes later she called back asking if I ever heard of M.C. Escher, the museum will be having an Escher exhibit starting in September.   Sure I had heard of Escher and it was a recent discovery, my sister was disposing of some artwork and asked me if I would like to take home a couple of unusual looking prints by Escher.  I gladly scooped them up.  So wow, what a coincidence that Heidi mentioned Escher.  She requested optical illusion earrings which I had been looking into recently but wasn’t sure how much of a hit they would be.  There it was again, that coincidental kick in the shorts!  And on top of all that, I had my annual eye exam today which I hate, field vision test, eye dilation, what’s to love about that?  Eyes, optics, optical illusions, it all came together with this great design:

optical illusion earrings 2


Moving on down the road, next idea…dream catcher earrings….

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Dreamcatcher with porcupine quills and macaw feathers

Dreamcatcher with porcupine quills and macaw feathers


I know exactly when my next idea hit me, walking through a mall in Tampa Florida, I saw my first dreamcatcher.  These were the type that you use as a wall hanging, they were made from grapevine and sinew decorated with feathers and fetishes.  Wow, these would look great in miniature and most excellent as earrings.

Out of the threads that I used for my woven basket earrings and metal hoops, I gave it a try.   I didn’t have any instructions so I had to make these out of memory of what I saw at the mall kiosk.  They were a bit crude at first but I got better.  I started selling them wholesale to stores in the Tampa area.  They were a great seller.

I moved on from wholesaling the dream catcher earrings to stores and opened my own kiosk.  Designs by Annette was becoming a success.


Dreamcatcher earrings – feathers porcupine quills bone beads – asymmetrical mismatched

How to start a business without really trying…

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I guess you could say that I am the classic “Unintentional Entrepreneur”. Approximately 30 years ago while RVing through the Southwest I picked up a bag of Raffia at a flea market for 25 cents…yes things were very inexpensive 30 years ago. I started weaving miniature coiled baskets with the raffia, it was a fun hobby that evolved into making flat coils out of embroidery floss and yarn. One day I decided to make a matching pair and put them on earring hooks. I started wearing these little woven baskets out on the town. Being in the Southwest, you’d think they wouldn’t have got any notice with all the Native designs available but they were a big hit. People would zoom in on my ears and say “Wow, what are those earrings made of and where did you get them”. Needless to say, I had to start making them to sell. This was the beginning of Designs by Annette!

Next journey on my road to earring making was finding a tupperware craft container full of beads for 3 bucks at a flea market in El Paso. I was so giddy with excitement, I couldn’t wait to get back to the RV with my deal of a lifetime. Beads were going to be dangling from my little basket earrings …that was the plan and the plan worked. I started selling my unique earrings at flea markets. What really bolstered my confidence was the reaction I was getting from the Native American population. I had one weathered old Indian man in Tuscon who stood in front of my display and just kept shaking his head back and forth in amazement at my weaving technique.  He told me to go to a place called Jay’s Indian Arts in Tucson, he was sure they’d like to see my earrings.  I made up a nice little display case, I was scared witless but walked into the shop, opened my case and sold  them a dozen pairs of my woven earrings.

Sad to say, this craft was very time consuming and could never be very lucrative but it was a start….to be continued!!!!

wovenEarrings coiled basket 007

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